One Day at a Time

Living One Day At A Time

Our lives are made up of a million different ways. 
  Some are spent searching for love, peace, and harmony.
Others are spent surviving day by day. 

But there is no greater moments than that life, 
with all it’s joys and sorrows, 
is meant to be lived one day at a time. 
It’s in this knowledge that we discover 
the most wonderful truth of all. 

Whether we live in a forty room mansion, 
surrounded by servants and wealth, 
or find it a struggle to manage the rent month to month 
we have it within our power to be fully satisfied 
and live a life with true meaning. 

One day at a time we have that ability, 
through cherishing each moment 
and rejoicing in each dream. 

We can experience each day anew, 
and with this fresh start 
we have what it takes to make 
all our dreams come true. 

Each day is new, 
and living one day at a time enables us 
to truly enjoy life and live it to the fullest. 

Author Unknown

Life is a miracle, don’t let it slip away, 
Open your heart to others; give of yourself each day. 
See the beauty in everyone regardless of where they’ve been, 
Some have a difficult journey and really need a friend. 
Share your gifts and talents; listen with your heart. 
Do the things you dream about but don’t have time to start. 
Pick a bouquet of flowers; show someone that you care, 
Be gracious and forgiving; life is never fair. 
Hold on to your courage, you may need it down the road, 
We all have a cross to bear; it could be a heavy load. 
If you practice all these things no matter where you roam, 
You may find both sun and rain, but you’ll never feel alone. 

Author Unknown 


New Pictures added to the Hilton Page


This lovely lady is the most recent manager in our Banquits Department.


This ravishing beauty is Friday night graveyard security (Dusty). I guess it would be more apprapo to call her our girl Friday. 

Here’s our new Capt. at the Helm. Captain David the perpetrader.

I love working at the Hilton. Not for the money nor the fame but for the new and fantastic friends that I  meet everyday.             

A little something simply from me

As my friends all know, I love to write. What I write isn’t always good and sometimes doesn’t make much sence but never the less it all comes from me.


In TheBeholders Eye

I Love Cats!

Let me tell you a secret…A secret of mine.

There’s a way to become rich in a very short time.

In the eyes of the beholder…And the beholder is me.

You can find great wealth in peace and serenity.

I Love Cats!

Here’s what you do…And it’s all up to you.

First have faith in yourself..Believe me that’s true.

Then you must make a plan for you goals to be met.

Rewards don’t come easy..They take hard work and sweat.

I Love Cats!

Beginning is winning so don’t be afraid to begin.

You must always be positive in order to win.

You can have anything that you want if you’re willing to try.

If you fail at first, be persistent good things come by and by.

I Love Cats!

Always be honest and fair in what ever you do.

Remember integrity is one thing that will follow you.

To be rich and successful is not always in monetary gain.

Happiness, comfort and security are all part of the game..

I Love Cats!

So set your goals and desires high and reach for the sky.

You can have anything you want if you’re willing to try.

Now this is my secret….my secret to you.

Every thing you want in life is now all up to you.

I Love Cats!

Here’s a little song that I wrote just for the fun of it. It’s not to bad when done to music.

Another Sad Lovesong

When I found you, you were cheating on him

Now I’m losing you cause your cheating on me.

I should have known right from the start.

Nothing to serious goes on in your heart.

The bell in the belfree just will not ring

And the bird in the elm tree refuses to sing

There’s the men in your life that you like to use

Then there’s me my sweetheart and I feel abused.

Oh please release me … Oh please set me free.

For the love that you gave me is now history.

I listen to love songs and there sad, sad goodbyes

And bite my lips and touch my heart as tears fill my eyes.

Your cheating heart will never know the love it threw away.

All the sad songs on the juke box are pretty much the same.

And the players on the love scene are all playing the games.

But for me the games over and I can’t play it anymore.

You can take the pieces of my heart and throw them out the door.

I Love Cats!

Little Jokes

Little Jokes


Teacher: What excuse have you got for being late?
John: (breathlessly) I ran so fast, teacher, that I didn’t have time to think of one

How Can I?

Wife: Our new neighbour always kisses his wife when he goes to work, why don’t you do that?
Husband: How can I? I don’t even know her.

Only Five

Father: Have you taken your maths test, son?
Son: Taken already.
Father: Did you get them all right?
Son: Only five wrong.
Father: Not bad! By the way, how many sums altogether?
Son: Five.

Right And Wrong

Teacher writes a sum, 3 + 7 = 9, on the blackboard.
Teacher: Is the sum right?
First Student: Wrong.
Second Student: Right.
First Student: Wrong.
Second Student: Right
First Student: 3 + 7 should be 10 and not 9, right?
Second Student: Right.
First Student: Then why did you say 3 + 7 is 9 right?
Second Student: Because you say it is wrong and I agreed with you.

Dead Body Cycling

During an English lesson, the teacher notices that a boy was not paying attention to him . . . .
Teacher: Bobby, join these two sentences together. I was cycling to school. I saw a dead body.
Bobby: (thinking for a while) I saw a dead body cycling to school.

The Music

Musician: Is the music sweet?
Boy: It’s more or less like the one which my father plays.
Musician: Is your father a musician?
Boy: No, he’s a carpenter.

Thief For Thief

One day as a husband was having his tea at home, his wife complained to him . . .
Wife: You know dear our new washerwoman stole two of our towels. That crook!
Husband: Which towels dear?
Wife: The ones we stole from the hotel in Miami Beach.

Better One

Bus Inspector: Where’s your ticket?
Traveler: I think I have lost it.
Bus Inspector: Well, that’s not a good excuse.
Traveler: Alright. You suggest a better one.

Sign in the Dark

Silvia: Dad, can you write in the dark?
Dad: I think so. What do you want me to write?
Silvia: Your name on this report card.

Make a Sentence

Teacher: Ellen, give me a sentence starting with "I".
Ellen: I is…
Teacher: No, Ellen. Always say, "I am."
Ellen: All right… "I am the ninth letter of the alphabet."

Keeps Talking

Teacher: What do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested?
Pupil: A teacher.

Broke Window

A new prisoner comes to a prison cell.
Convicts: What has happened with you that you are here?
Prisoner: I have broken a window on my job place.
Convicts: It’s unbelievable! Where did you work?
Prisoner: On a submarine.

Where are you from?

Texan: "Where are you from?"
Harvard Grad: "I come from a place where we do not end our sentences with prepositions."
Texan: "OK — where are you from, jackass?"

Lets g0 fishen

Romance – Country Folk Style

Kudzu is green, my dog’s name is Blue,
 And I’m so lucky to have a sweet thang like you.

  Yore hair is like cornsilk, A-flapping in the breeze.
 Softer than Blue’s, And without all them fleas.

 You move like the bass, Which excite me in May.
 You ain’t got no scales, But I luv you anyway.

 You’re as graceful as okry, Jist a-dancin’ in the pan.
 Yo’re as fragrant as SunDrop, Right out of the can.

 You have all yore teeth, For which I am proud;
 I hold my head high when we’re in a crowd.

  On special occasions, when you shave yore armpits,
 Well, I’m in hawg heaven! – I’m plumb outta my wits.

 And speakin’ of wits, You’ve got plenty fer shore.
 ‘Cuz you married me, back in ’74.

 Still them fellers at work, They all want to know,
 What I did to deserve such a purty, young doe.

 Like a good roll of duct tape, Yo’re there fer yore man,
 To patch up life’s troubles, And stick ’em in the can.

 Yo’re as strong as a four-wheeler, Racin’ through the mud,
 Yet fragile as that sanger, Named Naomi Judd.

  Yo’re as cute as a junebug, A-buzzin’ overhead.
 You ain’t mean like no far ant, Upon which I oft’ tread.

 Cut from the best pattern, Like a flannel shirt of plaid,
 You sparked up my life, Like a Rattletrap shad.

 When you hold me real tight, Like a padded gunrack,
 My life is complete; Ain’t nuttin’ I lack.

 Yore complexion, it’s perfection, Like the best vinyl sidin’.
 Despite all the years, Yore age, it keeps hidin’.

 And when you get old, Like a ’57 Chevy,
 Won’t put you on blocks, And let grass grow up heavy.

  Me ‘n’ you’s like a Moon Pie, With a RC cold drank,
 We go together; Like a skunk goes with stank.

 Some men, they buy chocolate, For Valentine’s Day;
 They git it at Wal-Mart; It’s romantic that way.

 Some men git roses On that special day
 From the cooler at Kroger; "That’s impressive," I say.

 Some men buy fine diamonds, From a flea market booth.
 "Diamonds are forever," They explain, suave and couth.

 But for this man, honey, These will not do.
 For you are too special, You sweet thang you.

  I got you a gift, Without taste nor odor,
 Better than diamonds;

 It’s a new trollin’ motor!

Lets go

Woe Computer

Abort, Retry, Ignore?
Once upon a midnight dreary, fingers cramped and vision bleary,
System manuals piled high and wasted paper on the floor,
Longing for the warmth of bed sheets, still I sat there doing spreadsheets.
Having reached the bottom line I took a floppy from the drawer,
I then invoked the SAVE command and waited for the disk to store,
Only this and nothing more.

Deep into the monitor peering, long I sat there wond’ring, fearing,
Doubting, while the disk kept churning, turning yet to churn some more.
But the silence was unbroken, and the stillness gave no token.
"Save!" I said, "You cursed mother! Save my data from before!"
One thing did the phosphors answer, only this and nothing more,
Just, "Abort, Retry, Ignore?"

Was this some occult illusion, some maniacal intrusion?
These were choices undesired, ones I’d never faced before.
Carefully I weighed the choices as the disk made impish noises.
The cursor flashed, insistent, waiting, baiting me to type some more.
Clearly I must press a key, choosing one and nothing more,
From "Abort, Retry, Ignore?"

With fingers pale and trembling, slowly toward the keyboard bending,
Longing for a happy ending, hoping all would be restored,
Praying for some guarantee, timidly, I pressed a key.
But on the screen there still persisted words appearing as before.
Ghastly grim they blinked and taunted, haunted, as my patience wore,
Saying "Abort, Retry, Ignore?"

I tried to catch the chips off guard, and pressed again, but twice as hard.
I pleaded with the cursed machine: I begged and cried and then I swore.
Now in mighty desperation, trying random combinations,
Still there came the incantation, just as senseless as before.
Cursor blinking, angrily winking, blinking nonsense as before.
Reading, "Abort, Retry, Ignore?"

The Almighty Eagle

Story by William Cash Neve (Big Daddy Cash)

I am called  Almighty Cash

actual images much larger keeper of the skies. They call me a Bald Eagle but I’m far from Bald. I have a pure white crown made up of over 200 feathers. When I soar through the skies I spread my wings a full seven feet. My beak is large with razor sharp edges an a hook at its tip. I proudly stand almost a yard high and weigh close to 14 lbs. And my sight is so sharp that I can spot tiny creatures on earth from high in the sky. It is my distinct pleasure to be honored as Americas symbol for freedom. I have writen a truely unique story about about me called The Magnificent King of The Sky.

Hello Friends, My name is Cash The Almighty and I’m here in all my grand glory to tell you a story. If that line makes it sound like I have an inflated ego then I’ve made my point. I’m a mighty bald eagle and proud to be what I am, I stand for freedom and courage all over the world and in America they’ve made me their national symbol. Now that I’ve given myself a pat on the back I’ll start my story. I’ll take you back twenty years to the time when Big Daddy Cash found me in the wilderness torn and tattered and almost dead. Thank God for Cash and his son. If it were not for them I wouldn’t be here to write this story. You see, I was young and fearless and threw caution to the wind. All things were new and exciting and I had to explore everything. Curiosity took me too close to a hungry mountain lion and he was on me so fast that I had no time to defend myself. As luck would have it Cash and his son were just rounding a bend where all this took place and the lion, who was more afraid of humans then he was hungry for me, took off running. I was hurt real bad and just on the edge of consciousness but I can remember, as Cash picked me up, turning my head to look into his eyes, somehow I knew that I was in good hands. When I regained consciousness the first thing I heard was.. "Cash, the humane thing to do is to put that poor bird out of it’s misery" and Big Daddy replied " I can’t do that, this bird’s going to fly again, mark my words." For the next year Big Daddy nursed me day and night giving me all the love and care that he had to give. Finally after a little over a year Big Daddy said… "Come on Big Fella It’s time for you to fly. Just remember you can do it if you have the will and the courage to try." He took me way up high in the mountains above a place called Granite Canyon. The last thing he said to me was "I love you and I’ll miss you but it’s time for you to go back where you belong. So I’ll give you the name… Cash The Almighty… keeper of the sky. God be with you! Goodbye."

Several years have past bye since that fateful day but I’ll remember Big Daddy Cash and the wonderful things that he taught me for as long as I live. Cash once told me that I could be anything that I wanted to be, do anything that I wanted to do and have anything that I wanted to have all I needed was the courage to try. I apply this thought to all things that I do and it’s brought me greatness and made me the true keeper of the sky as well as all things below.

Remember this as I proudly soar through the sky I’m keeping my eye on you.

Cash Almighty

American Bald Eagle American Bald Eagle The bald eagle was designated as the national bird of the United States in 1782. Its name does not imply a lack of feathers, but instead is derived from the word piebald, meaning “marked with white.” The bald eagle reigns as the second-largest bird of prey in North America, after the California condor.

The Eagle that cried on Sept. 11th for the victims of a cowardly act of terrorism.


Screech 1







Why is the Eagle the national emblem of the United States?



Hi I’m Cash Almighty the most courageous creature in all of the sky. I soar through the atmosphere with the greatest of ease You’ll know I stand for courage and

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