Art I Love

Masterpiece of Rembrandt: Bathsheba Rembrandt, Bathsheba

Water colour on vellum parchment by Nicolas Marechal (1753 -1802),
painted at Paris in 1793 and illustrates the Quagga stallion
of Louis XIV menagerie at Versailles
Photograph of painting






Image Mme Matisse: Madras Rouge (The Red Madras Headress)
Summer 1907 
Matisse, Henri (-Émile-Benoît)

Cedar Tree, 24 x 20 1/4 inches




 William Parkinson

Title: "House Wife" – 1961
Media: Oil on board
This is a self portrate of my Uncle Willie the greatest artist I know.

Guess Who ?

Any Room in the Basket?, Julius Adam

Julius Adam..Any room in the basket

Andrea Sirani: The Infant Christ Reclining Before a Red Curtain, with Two Angels
The Infant Christ Reclining Before a Red Curtain, with Two Angels
Giovanni A SiraniAgasse: A Grey Hunter in a Woodland LandscapeJaeques L Agasse

Angelico: Madonna of Humility
Madonna of Humility
Beato Angelico

Grey Hunter

click following to inlarge

Titian.  Venus with a Mirror. 1555"Beauty Is But A Painted Hell" by Campion, Thomas (1567-1620).
Gogh, Vincent van   

These pictures were taken during the biggest black out in history on the east coast August 14th 2003 (below)

Here’s a great picture of the Brookland Bridge high lighting Manhatten. It was taken just as the lights were coming back on after the recent blackout
This picture was taken at sunrise while all the lights were still out. Viewed from the lower west side of Manhatten from across the bay.

This picture is of Upper West Side of Manhattan as seen from a Weehawken, N.J., park Thursday after the largest power blackout in U.S. history. I find these pictures fasinating it just goes to show you that if you look for the good in bad it can be found.


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