My Favorite Niece



Dear Deb. I’m putting into rhyme a verse specially for you dear

Elegant you are as well as delightful and sweet and that’s real clear

Beautiful in all ways both inside and out and that’s the true you

Blatant and very talented and I’m sure that’s in everything you do.

Intelligent and interesting and that’s what I expect my niece to be.

Extremely thoughtful and kind and that’s what Big Daddy likes to see.

Delightful….Exciting….Beautiful to…..

Yes that’s my niece DebbieThat’s You!!


~From your corner of the world
You reached out
with your loving words
and in your gentle manner
you touched my heart~

tabby                   tabby
Hi from the feline world.We’ve come here to see
Debbie’s Debut

Hey we come to see the debut too.

As a teen she drove all the high school boys wild with her beauty and charm.

Her radiant smile and cosmetic stature added to the fantastic beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. I’m surprised that they let such an extraordinary princess leave the Islands.


Even as a baby she captured everybodies attention.

Memories are made of this, this lovely child deserves a kiss.

Below is one of Debbies very special talents, a mural, hand painted on the walls of a specially designed bedroom.


Debbie likes to spend time with her very special missionaries, Richard and Ryan, her brothers baby boys.



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