Come Visit Me

I Love Cats! 

I Love Cats!

I love my dogs and my dogs love me.

Together we make a happy family.

There’s Charley, Lady, then there’s me

The three of us enjoy each others company.

I Love Cats!

With these guys in my life I’m never alone.

They both wait at the door for me to get home.

They love to take long walks to the park.

And sometimes we walk the streets after dark.

I Love Cats!

Ladies a Lab as sweet as she can be.

And my little Charley’s a mystery.

They have their own room in our domain.

A yard where running and romping’s their game.

I Love Cats!

We take care of stray cats in our neighborhood.

We feed and love them and show brotherhood.

Yes there’s lots of love in my little family.

And it’s right up front for all to see.

Spend a Day With Cash and His Family

Well, Let me see! There’s Lady, there’s Charley, and Me. The three of us make up Cashes immediate family. Lady’s a Lab, I’m an old fart, and Charley’s a mystery. We all live together in a two bedroom apartment that has all the luxuries we need. Our livingroom has a wall to wall T.V. , a large easy chair for lady and one for me, and the couch belongs to Charley. We start out each day with faith in our hearts knowing that with God on our side all our dreams will come true.

I have an office I call Cashes Thought Box with my desk, filing cabinets, and electronic toys. Lady and Charley have their bedroom which they call Cashes Dog House it has a king size bed that they sometimes share with me. The kitchen has all the modern appliances we need and we call it Cashes Chow Hall it even has a stacked washer and drier. The whole place is real comfy and cozy. If you have love in your heart to share, the gifts that you give, will let the whole world know that you care. If you have love in your home it’s my promise you’ll never be alone.

We have a huge back yard, the size of a small park, for Lady and Charley to romp and play in. I call the three of us the Cashes Insiders because in addition to our family we have, called Cashes Outsiders, all the ..hobo.. transient and stray cats in the neighborhood. Cashes Insiders love Cashes Outsiders ! I feed them and give them love and attention and Lady and Charley chase them to give them the exercise they need to stay fit. We all live together as one big happy family. Through unconditional love and compassion we can change the world. Our day begins when I get home in the morning from my graveyard job and ends when I go back to work at ten o’clock at night.

The following is a typical day in the life of Cashes Family. When I arrive home in the mornings Lady and Charley are always waiting for me at the kitchen door to be let out to romp and take care of their morning business, of course that includes chasing all the Outsiders out of the yard. This is a ritual that takes place every morning, the dogs chase, the cats hide. Each day we share with each other the greatest gift of all and it’s given from our hearts for the whole world to see. When I bring Lady and Charley in to have their breakfast all the cats come out of hiding and gather round my back porch to be fed. I’m the only human they’ll come close to if anyone else is around they all scatter. They have learned to love me and trust me and they all expect that little bit of special attention I give them.

Each morning I have a little job to do that isn’t to pleasant, but never the less has to be done. Little Charley can’t hold his business for the whole time that I’m gone so he goes to the bathroom on the bathroom floor right in front of the toilet . I have to clean it up and sanitize it, immediately, so that it won’t smell up our house. Our house is a total mess all the time but it’s never dirty it just looks well lived in. Charley never does his thing in the house if there is someone at home to let him out. Some days I feel like a dog and others I feel like the hydrant but mostly I feel like I’m loved.

Now that I’ve got everybody fed and all the little messes cleaned up I fix myself a large cup of coffee and sit down at my computer where I’ll spend the next four or five hours doing business on line or composing e-books. In the twilight years of my life the computer has become a major part. I conduct business, do my banking, and all of my corresponding using my computer. I even use the computer for most of my entertainment. Lady and Charley know I don’t like to be disturbed when I’m using the computer so usually they lay quietly at my feet enjoying my presence.

I try to take Lady and Charley for a walk or a drive every day (They love going for a drive). They sit at attention and observe everything that goes on all around us where ever we drive. When we’re are walking they have to check out every house and Lady has to pee in every yard. I guess that’s called marking your territory. Lady loves to run (She’s as strong as a mule) so usually it’s not I taking them for a walk it’s them taking me.

I try to get a few hours rest in the afternoons to be able to work through the night. But inevitably something comes up the minute I lay down to rob me of my sleep. Sometimes I’m lucky just getting an hour or two.

Charley’s a watch dog who will guard our home, usually by sleeping where a burglar would awaken us all by falling over him. Lady’s a great watch dog she’ll watch the burglars take what ever they want
My dogs can express more with their tails in minutes than most people can express with their tongue in hours.

Never judge a dog’s pedigree by the kind of boots he does not chew.(Lady likes Tony Lamas)
I’ll always sympathize with the underdog, except of course when the other dog is mine.

Loving, sharing, and understanding are the main ingredients in our little family. My dogs have been taught to know love and kindness. Meanness and hate is not in their life. Sure they chase the cats because that’s what dogs do but when they catch them that’s it. Games over!

If there’s a moral to spending a day with Cashes Family it’s all in Loves way.



Thank you, Big Daddy Cash

P.S. A Happy Cat: There is a story told about a cat who discovered that happiness was in his tail.  He kept trying over and over to get it, but all he could do was run around in circles. Exhausted and frustrated, with this endless pursuit,, he eventually stopped. And then, he discovered that if he’d just go on about his life then it would follow him wherever he went.



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