A Silly Old Mans Dream

Dog Stories Posted by Big Daddy Cash on 3/11/2003, 35KB A Silly Old Mans Dream   (Big Daddy and His Best Friend Lady)  Posted by Cashman on 12/1/2002, 34KB by Big Daddy Cash

This all happened in a dream. I’m going to tell you a story about my Lady and me. Lady of course was my constant companion in life but she’s been gone for quite some time.(Lady was my best friend, my dog.)

I’m still here but in my dream I died and went to the place where all the good doggies go, to retrieve the best companion that I ever had. They set her free just to be with me. What a wonderful reunion we had. This is where our journey began. Now remember this is all a dream. Lady and I were walking along a long  road, somewhere in the country, taking in all the sights to be seen. A gentle breeze blowing through the trees, the playful squirrels in the fallen leaves, the wonderful songs of the birds in the trees all the magic of nature for us to enjoy. We walked, enjoying each others company, for a long, long time. After a while we started to tire and wondered where this road was taking us but we continued on. We crossed over a knoll and seen this place in the valley that looked like it was from a fairytale. Beautiful cobble streets lined with pearls, surrounded with white cultured marble walls and an entry gate of gold and silver, a magnificent sight. I was sure that we had finally arrived at heaven. As we approached the gate we seen a man in an elegant white suit sitting at a large oak desk. I greeted the man and asked him if this was Heaven. He said,"Yes my good man it is." I replied, "Fantastic, would you happen to have some water to quench our thirst." His reply was, "Of course I do Sir, come right on in and I’ll have a large glass and a pitcher of ice water brought right to you." I said,"Oh thanks, do you have a bowl for my friend." He astonished me with the reply, " I can’t let you bring the dog in Sir, we don’t allow pets."

 I thought about this for a moment and finally said "Thanks but no thanks" and left. Lady and I continued down the road discouraged to say the least. We were tired and dry and it seemed like our journey would never end. When we were just about to drop we spotted an old farm at the end of the road. It was inside a rickety fence with a broken down gate and sitting alongside the gate in an old rocking chair was a man in a blue pair of coveralls.

I shouted out "Could you spare us a drink." he replied "You bet your life. Come right on in and make yourself at home." "What about my dog." he said " She’s welcome too, you’ll find a bowl along side the pump." After Lady and I quenched our thirst I turned to the man and said, "What do you call this place?" his reply was, "My good man, this is heaven.

" Now how can that be? We just came from a place back down the road called heaven. And this place doesn’t look anything like that." "I know! It was beautiful and just what you’d expect. But not all things are as they appear. That place was Hell." "Doesn’t it make you angry that they pretend to be heaven." " Absolutely not, they do us a favor and screen out the people that are willing to leave there best friends behind."

My Grandmother told me a story very similar to this one many years ago and through the years I’ve told many versions to my children and grand children.I wrote the story but the thought came from an unknown sourse via my Grandmother.


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