Moments of Lust

Overcome by Lust

"Finally Alone ," Heavy breathing and a craving for love, oh God it was the moment they had been waiting for. She looked into his eyes and released her passion all dignity was forgotten as her need and desire to have him took over. She threw her arms around his neck,and  with the heat of passion ready to ignite she began to kiss and fondle him wildly and passionately. His desire exploded as his pulse  quickened and he responded fervently to her sudden desire.  His hands found their way beneath her sheer dress and quickly peeled it from her body, as she trembled with desire and engulfed him in her arms. He, realizing that they were still on the front porch, and made an awkward effort to retrieve his keys, Some how he managed to get the key in the lock  as he embraced her lovely body against his and she covered his face and neck with hot lips of desire. The door flew open and they fell on the floor and he pulled her on top of  him blinded with lust. He was at the height of desire and couldn’t let go. Her hot lips and sweet tongue were totally addicting and intoxicating The fuse on his passion had almost reached its end. He drew her closer and closer and caressed her with his lustful touch  She pulled him closer to feel the feverish skin of his body next to hers. When all of a sudden all the lights went on and a crowded room started singing happy anniversary.


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