A little something simply from me

As my friends all know, I love to write. What I write isn’t always good and sometimes doesn’t make much sence but never the less it all comes from me.


In TheBeholders Eye

I Love Cats!

Let me tell you a secret…A secret of mine.

There’s a way to become rich in a very short time.

In the eyes of the beholder…And the beholder is me.

You can find great wealth in peace and serenity.

I Love Cats!

Here’s what you do…And it’s all up to you.

First have faith in yourself..Believe me that’s true.

Then you must make a plan for you goals to be met.

Rewards don’t come easy..They take hard work and sweat.

I Love Cats!

Beginning is winning so don’t be afraid to begin.

You must always be positive in order to win.

You can have anything that you want if you’re willing to try.

If you fail at first, be persistent good things come by and by.

I Love Cats!

Always be honest and fair in what ever you do.

Remember integrity is one thing that will follow you.

To be rich and successful is not always in monetary gain.

Happiness, comfort and security are all part of the game..

I Love Cats!

So set your goals and desires high and reach for the sky.

You can have anything you want if you’re willing to try.

Now this is my secret….my secret to you.

Every thing you want in life is now all up to you.

I Love Cats!

Here’s a little song that I wrote just for the fun of it. It’s not to bad when done to music.

Another Sad Lovesong

When I found you, you were cheating on him

Now I’m losing you cause your cheating on me.

I should have known right from the start.

Nothing to serious goes on in your heart.

The bell in the belfree just will not ring

And the bird in the elm tree refuses to sing

There’s the men in your life that you like to use

Then there’s me my sweetheart and I feel abused.

Oh please release me … Oh please set me free.

For the love that you gave me is now history.

I listen to love songs and there sad, sad goodbyes

And bite my lips and touch my heart as tears fill my eyes.

Your cheating heart will never know the love it threw away.

All the sad songs on the juke box are pretty much the same.

And the players on the love scene are all playing the games.

But for me the games over and I can’t play it anymore.

You can take the pieces of my heart and throw them out the door.

I Love Cats!


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