My job at the Hilton 2

 More of My WONDERFUL Hotel Friends

The picture below is Djordje a hard working fun loving guy from the banquet set up crew, I think he’s a supervisor or something like that. The beautiful lady next to him (some guys have all the luck) is Alma the best that our Human Resourse Department has to offer. She’s fantastic! She loves it when they make her M1 It gives her such a feeling of power.


In the next picture we have Dale McMullen singing a love song to Lori Brock and Steve Lindburg getting a big kick out of it.

Now here’s a likely crew, it looks like they’ve been sipping a few. From left to right there’s James, Natalie Steve, Debbie, Frank and our own Little John (Nick).


Now here’s a couple happy looking ladies, Rita on the left and Cindy on the right. Rita’s done everything from waitressing to answering guest calls in PBX. She even serves me breakfast on Sunday morning at Dee’s. Cindy lights up the Rat Cellar with her radiant smile.


"WOW" This happy trio is really having fun. (Maria, Steve and Kelly) Look at those bald heads, they could be father and son.

Below us is Shannon, one hell of a cook and on the far right is Mike who goes strictly by the book. The two in the middle are Cindy and Steve. I wonder what Steve’s got up his sleeve? By the way Mike is my kind a guy he’s honest and fair with a good crop of hair.


There is the distinct existentially titillating possibility that invokes the possible hypothesis that answers the question, why are we here?  It’s as though a cosmic designer had carefully adjusted the physical laws to make it possible for human beings to survive and appear. Two  separate universes  "parallel," containing somewhat different versions of the same entities, like your own alter ego. This idea is a bit extreme like that of monkeys in front of typewriters eventually typing out all of Shakespeare or the Holy Bible. Confusing to say the least. But face it! If there’s a here after then it’s possible that there’s a here to be and a  here now. 
This is CEO our private  secratary sent to us from an identical world to brighten the engineers day and give him the will to succeed.
Our new Director of Human Resources
Mr. Tod Schaeffer. A real bright fella.
The lovely lady with the terrific tan is Esperanza Windham.


Hey, Dale congratulations on the man of the year award and cogratulations to you Steve it’s quite an accomplishment to put up with what you’ve put up with for a whole twenty years. By the way Dale how’s it going with you and Lori, did the love song work?


I consider all of these people to be the best in there field and if Big Daddy says they’re the best it’s because Big Daddy knows. Where is their field? I’d like to go play in it.

"I love em all they’re good friends of mine."

This is a very talented group, they are the artists in our Garde-Mangier department. I know, you say..What’s that? Well this group prepares all the beautiful designed trays of food for our banguets. Believe me there magnificent.


Above me is Chrissy the little girl with a twirl. She’s little and sweet but it’s a treat to watch her  run the biggest machine we have at the Hilton Hotel. (The presser in laundry)


Great Cooks

The Hilton has some of the best cooks in the hotel industry. I’m very proud of ours

This lady was the. best PBX operator Hilton ever had.She just retired… good for her..bad for us.Everybody that new her loved her for her smile and congenial additude. We’re gonna miss you Mary Brown.

Above is Russell Rogers and his wife. Russell is the graveyard housekeeper and a whole lot more………..

I love all the people that I work with, here are just a few. 

   I have so many incredible  friends  at the  hotel  These are    a few

But   I  love them all.

I can’t forget the laundry people, they’re the best and their all good friends of mine.

MarvinPosted by Cashman65 on 7/30/2003, 60KBChambers

Engineer and PBX Operator


The following pictures were all taken at the hotel. I’ve made no comments on them but you can take my word for it, they’re all squirrelly as hell, squirrelly but great.


This is Joe and his son Jo Jo….Audit Dept.


Above is Angies Medley and below is Bryant Scrafford ,Angie, and Gene Hecker (right to left)





Albert from Trofis’


Big Moe from Co Co Mo


Big Daddy Thinking about the ladies

Russell and his sweet wife on the trip of their life.


Angie, What can I say?

Robert Hill, Parkings Sweet Bobby Hill




Spencers Angels

Sculpters Three





Shane is part of the security force at the Hilton Hotel. You can’t tell these young bucks anything for some reason they all want to wear that old ball and chain. Oh well! I wish them both a sucessful and happy marraige.

Here are some of my special Hilton friends. I’ll introduce them to you when the time is right. "SOON"


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