“Harry and Catherina”


This isn’t my kind of story but I decided to take the challenge and spent 15 minutes typing, not thinking, just letting my fingers do the thinking.


“Harry and Catherina”


By Big Daddy Cash



Here I am all alone and confused my dress is torn and tattered and there is a lump on my head the size of a baseball. I really don’t know where I am, I know it’s cold, it’s raining and the wind is blowing like crazy. There’s a splatter of blood all over the front of my blouse, it’s not mine, whose is it? Where did it come from? Oh God why am I here? Why can’t I remember?

My clothes are all covered with wet mucky mud, dried grass and sand. It looks like I was dragged a long way to where I am and then left here to freeze, maybe die. God I wish I could get my mind working!

I’m trying to clean the grubby filth off my body but I’m so weak, so damn weak. Oh Jesus! I stumbled, I’m falling, I can’t catch myself, I’m falling, please help me, I’m falling! I think I’m dying everything’s turning black, b l a c k, b l a c k!!

 “Hey Jim we been searching for over an hour if she was out here we would have found her by now.” “Shut up asshole she’s out here somewhere we gotta find her. If she gets away we’re dead men, Do you understand? Dead Men.” “Why the hell did you have to stab that bastard anyway?” “ The son of a bitch asked for it, if he hadn’t called me a fucking idiot…”

The sound of sirens could be heard in the distance. These two guys feared someone more then the cops. Their fear kept them searching. Above the sound of the sirens they heard a blood curdling scream. “You see asshole I told you she was still out here.”

Let’s start this story from the beginning. Harry Fletcher and his teenage daughter were on the run from the mob. You see Harry was a bookie from the east side of Chicago and he caused John Russo the head of the mafia to lose close to a million dollars. That’s right a million dollars! Now John Russo sure the hell wasn’t going to let Harry get away with it, so he set up a hit on Harry. He wanted him killed but he wanted his money back first.

Now Harry had pulled a fast one on Russo he stole the money himself and made it look like a gambling loss. Harry had grand plans, he wanted to take his daughter Catherina to Monaco and retire on the Riviera. It all would have worked out fine accept for one little slip of the tongue. Harry told Catherina’s mother and Catherina’s mother was John Russo’s mistress.

Harry was going to make it look like he was shot and killed by a rivalry mob. Whilst they were collecting one million dollars on a fixed horse race. The plans were all made and they were scheduled to leave for France right after Catherina’s 14th birthday party.

Earlier on the afternoon of the party Harry had a long talk with Cindy, Catherina’s mother and that’s when he spilled the beans. He just couldn’t keep the excitement built up inside him anymore and mistakenly he thought he could trust Cindy.

Of course Cindy run right straight to Russo and Russo had his Lieutenants get rid of the rival mobsters. But there still was the question of the money. The million dollars was missing.

As far as Harry knew his plan was still on. Years ago Harry saved Antonio Giovanni, the rival mobs God Fathers, life. So Antonio, out of gratification, agreed to Harry’s elaborate scheme.

The entire fiasco was about to reach a climax.

Harry had arranged for transportation out of the country but he had to hide out until the whole deception was carried out. Antonio put Harry and his daughter in a cabin on the banks of Lake Erie.

Jack and Jim were John Russo’s henchmen, his Lieutenants. When Russo found out where Harry and Catherina were he sent his Lieutenants to bring them back.

Jack and Jim found Harry and Catherina lounging on the beach just outside their cabin. Harry was not about to let these two creeps subdue either him or Catherina. He sent Catherina to hide under the cabin floor. He then confronted Jim and Jack and that’s when he was stabbed by Jim. Presuming that Harry was dead Jim drug him to the lake and threw his body in. Now they had to get Catherina.

Now were back where we started.

“The cops are just about here we got to get that girl and get out of here.” “Jim, the scream came from over here on the path going up to the light tower. From the sound of the scream she must have fallen from the tower into the lake.” “That does it lets get out of here.”

Harry crawled out on the sandy beach and staggered towards the light tower. He spotted Catherina’s lifeless body half buried in the sand beneath the tower. He pulled her up and cradled her in his arms, he felt her warm breath on his cheek and started to cry.

It’s a year later and we see father and daughter laughing and singing on the beach in the French Riviera.


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