Poetry doesn’t have to be challenging, but it does have to explore

the nature and geography of the human condition.


I Love To Write


I love to write poetry, songs and short stories.

I don’t do it for the riches nor fame nor the glories.

I write what I write that’s deep down inside of me.

And what I write I write for the whole world to see.

I like to write about love life and serenity.

And just about any thing that gets into me.

I’ll combine the truth with the fiction

I don’t always use proper diction.

There’s a story a song or a poem in every nook.

Someday I’ll put all of mine in a book.

I like to write what I write in my leisure time.

Sometimes what I write will surprise me and rhyme.

I don’t use long words and I’ll tell you why.

I want everyone to understand the things I imply.

Most all that I write can be read by the whole family.

But beware I’ve been known to write adult fantasy.

I once wrote a story about a bad man turned good.

And I’ve written stories about the mysteries in my neighborhood.

I really like to write about my four legged friends.

And I can keep you in suspense until a love story ends.

If you like what I write… that will please me.

If you don’t, don’t lie and try to appease me.

You see I write what I write because I love to.

When I write what I write that’s what I do.


Poetry is the most versatile of all literary forms,

allowing us the ability to say things that cannot be encompassed in prose.

It can be finished in a moments, unlike the novel, which can take years.



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