My Little Ones

To My Little Ones


Life as it could be through out eternity. Understanding, love, and comfort I can see.

A garden in the skies! With all that it implies.

Planted only with grand thoughts, fine deeds, and magnificent words of glory.

Welcome to my world! Why don’t you come right in?

Welcome to my night! You’ve brought me great delight.

Welcome to my home! When you’re here I’m not alone.

 Welcome to my heart. The spot you cannot part.

 Welcome to my life. With you who needs a wife.

I’m writing this to you. As you scuttle at my feet.

Charley, Lady, just having you here is sweet.
You make my life worth while and always leave me with a smile.

What better companions could there be! And you guys both belong to me……..


A poem should be read several times in order to “hear” it and feel its emotions.

The more you read it , the more you can understand its meaning.


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