I was born behind a neighborhood bar on the south side of Chicago. I come from a family of eight little kittens Believe it or not I was born with four ear flaps instead of two.


October 31 > It was Friday night and they were having a Halloween Party at the neighborhood bar where I was born. The fun lovers were passing me around the bar astonished because I had four ear’s instead of two. Somebody at the bar started the rumor that I was a witch cat with extraordinary powers. Only a human would believe such nonsense and there were plenty believers at the party. The owner of the bar put a sign up behind the bar stating; “Witch Cat for Sale Only $50, Extraordinary Powers” Humans are superstitious so nobody at the party wanted to buy me.

November 1 > The next morning, Ted and Valerie Rock, a couple who had just lost their cat of twenty years heard about the for sale sign posted by the bartender, out of curiosity they stopped by the bar to take a look. They didn’t believe the nonsense about witches and much to my surprise they fell madly in love with me. I didn’t know it then but my destiny was being mapped out for me. The Rocks bought me and took me to my new home.

November 2 > Once I got at the Rocks’ home, their son Billy came up with a name inspired by the movie, Star Wars, “Yoda” it seemed to fit perfectly. So now I had a home, a name and a family of three humans that loved me. Who could ask for anything more?

November 3 > The Rocks decided that for my on safety I should be kept inside to deter curious onlookers and to prevent someone from trying catnap me.

November 4 > News gets around fast and it wasn’t long before reporters from all the local and national newspapers were hounding the Rocks for a story about the witch cat. The bothersome reporters with their camera men just wouldn’t give up so Ted told his family it was time to move to the country and start a new life. He said; we’ll do it in such a way that nobody will know who we are or where we are.

November 5 > Ted would talk to me when no one else was around.He told me that I should be called wonder cat. He said I was special and had the power to hear things way beyond the hearing of others. I really love Ted, we bonded at first sight.

November 6 > Today I have an appointment with a veterinarian, a close friend of Teds, that won’t let on where we live.  The vet was astounded; he said I was a first, that he’d never seen anything like me. He couldn’t get over how my ears separate at the base of my skull one in front of the other. His curiosity got the best of him and he had to check on the internet to see if there were other four eared animals. He found a cat named Lilly born in Germany with four ears and a cat in Russia that had seven ears. He also found a rabbit with four ears and horns. Meow, I’m glad I don’t have horns.

November 7 > Billy put a picture of Yoda the Star Wars character right above my bed. He laughed and said; “Yoda you look just like him” I purred and thought “you got to be kidding”. Take a look at the picture; do you think I look like that? Meow,


    that’s funny.    

Post Script by Writer BDC

Apparently Yoda is quite a common name in the Kingdom of animals. Awhile back a friend of mine, a retired secretary and part-time teacher from Singapore, Tan Rita, wrote a story about a cat named Fluffy, one of Fluff’s friends was a dog named Yoda. It was Rita that told me about the four eared cat named Yoda from Chicago, the cat that’s writing this diary. When I put this diary to print a family in Capron, Illinois read it and wrote me about their two kittens with four ears, oddly enough one of them was named Yoda. This Yoda’s littermate was named Ted and he turned out to be an exhibitionist in their hometown circus. So now we’ve got two Yoda felines with four ears, one who lives in the Chicago suburbs with the Rock family and the other who lives with the Pearson’s on a farm in Capron. Being born with four ears I would assume is better than being born with no ears. There is a cat in my home state named Yoda No Ears, she has indentions where the ears should be and her owners claim that she hears just fine at least she comes when she’s called to dinner. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.


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