When I tell my grandkids about Dingus they really show there emotions of course Arianna can’t say anything but Gan Da Di but she acts like she understands every word. Ty, well Ty wants a dog just like Dingus. He told me that a dog who could write his own story should be president


Crazy Joe Dingus and a Policeman named Charley McBride

Joe Dingus is a black Lab. that had a very rough and tough time the first few years of his life. Joe was the runt in a family of very fancy show dogs. He was to small and had the wrong bone and head structure to be a show dog.

The breeders didn’t want to have him put away so they turned him loose in the wilderness to fend for himself. He was about 12 weeks old and the odds were against him but at least he had a fighting chance to survive.

The first part of my story is how little Joe Dingus would tell it, if he could speak to you as I do.

Joe Dingus Tells His Story;

It was cold dark and stormy and I knew I was a long way from home. The sky was growling and dumping water all over me. I was so frightened that I was shaking and crying for my mommy. I couldn’t understand why my masters had gone away and left me in this scary place. Had I done something wrong? Was I being punished? I just didn’t know.

I wandered for hours looking for something familiar, some way to find my way home. Finally out of exhaustion and fear I fell asleep under a great big tree. When I woke up the sun was shining friendly and brightly from a clear blue sky. It was such a beautiful morning that I forgot for a moment how hungry and lonely I was.

For a little while I romped and played in the warm rays of the sun but soon I realized that I was all alone and a long way from home. I longed and craved for my mommy and wanted to cuddle up to her and suckle on her nipples and fill my empty tummy.

I searched for miles and miles for my mommy and daddy and something to eat. Finally I laid down in the shade and cried myself to sleep.

When I awoke it was dark and creepy and I could hear all kinds of scary strange things. I could hear water running and it reminded me how thirsty and hungry I was.

I followed the sound and soon I found a stream of cold running water. It tasted so good that I drank until my tummy hurt.

All of a sudden I heard what sounded like people laughing and shouting close by so I ran as fast as I could to see if my masters had come back for me.

Down the stream I saw a bunch of men around a fire, they were all carrying big sticks and acting real funny.

As I run up to greet them a big boom came from one of their sticks and something hit me along side my head, it hurt bad so I turned and ran .

They chased me for awhile but it was dark and I finally lost them. My head was throbbing and covered with blood but most of all I was as scared as can be. I didn’t know why these people were mean to me when all I wanted to do was be friendly.

I was hurt, I was tired and I was awfully hungry but I had lots of water to drink and that helped make up for the lack of food. My head finally quit bleeding so I took a dip in the stream to wash away the dried blood and the cold water helped to take the pain away.

Part of my ear was missing but nothing else seemed to be the matter with me. One good thing came out of this, I learned my first lesson and I learned it well.

The next day I crept back down stream where I’d seen the men, they were gone but they left lots of food in a great big can so I ate what I could and buried the rest for another time.

Somehow I knew that I was all alone and I’d have to learn to survive all on my own.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and each day I learned something new to keep me safe and healthy. You might say someone was watching over me because all things came kind of naturally. It wasn’t such a bad life I was even starting to enjoy being free.

I learned how to hunt for my food, find safe comfortable shelter and I even made friends with other four legged creatures like me. Well, they were almost like me.

Joe Dingus spent two years living as a wild animal. During this time he had many exciting and heroic experiences, each one could make an interesting short story.

He became a master at survival and his unusual foresight and superior intellect made him a very special canine.

Many times Joe was cruelly mistreated by his so called two legged superiors, hunters and campers who somehow found pleasure in animal abuse.

No matter how badly Joe was treated he never lost the ability to show love and compassion to all living things. His temperament was always mild and congenial unless it was a fight for survival for either he or his friends.

Joe Dingus was almost three years old when his life made another incredible change. A change that brought him world wide recognition and brought fame to his name.

Two children were swimming in Montero Bay when a hungry shark spotted them and was well on his way to dinner. Joe Dingus was on a cliff way above them when he spotted the shark making his attack.

His phenomenal sense warned him of tragedy and without hesitation he jumped from the cliff and managed to pull both children to safety.

It was an unbelievable rescue and a mighty battle but somehow Joe got away with the loss of only one leg.

Hundreds of people witnessed the entire event from the shore. One person, a policeman named Charley McBride, jumped in and pulled Joe Dingus out of the water. He put a tourniquet above the missing leg and saved Joe Dinguses life.

There was an immediate bond between Charley McBride and Joe Dingus. Charley nursed Joe back to health and worked with him until he was almost as good on three legs as he’d been on four.

The love between them grew and soon they were inseparable companions

Charley was a narcotics detective for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Department. Realizing what a remarkable dog Joe Dingus was he decided to make him a narcotics detector and demo dog.

Joe Dingus was a quick learner and soon he was able to detect explosives, chemicals, currency, people and drugs. He was also Charley McBride’s demo to educate the public on the danger of drugs.

Charley McBride and Crazy Joe Dingus as a team were committed to doing everything possible to stop the flow of illegal drugs and associated crimes. Their efforts alone were responsible for more then 1500 arrests of drug traffickers and dealers.

As a dynamic duo they were dedicated to bring down the leaders of crime syndicates and bring justice whatever lengths it took.

Over the next five years Crazy Joe Dingus recovered over 25 million dollars worth of illegal drugs. He was awarded recognition in the Humane Societies Canine Heros Walk of Fame.

Not only had they become experts in the detection of narcotics but the dynamic duo stopped thefts of millions in currency and gold bullion from the U.S. mint at the Federal Depository in San Francisco.

A once discarded puppy whose breeders decided wasn’t worth saving had survived all the obstacles put in his path and become a National Hero.

He never gave up and he did things his way.




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