My Testimony

A few months ago LDS missionaries visited me at my home. The conversation was casual, focused primarily on my beliefs. When they left they asked if I could set aside one hour a week for a bible study. When they come back the following week I was sick in bed with pneumonia, I could hardly breath. They administered to me by laying their hands on my head and prayed for my recovery. Before they left they cleaned my house, fed my dogs and mowed my front lawn. Since then they have come back every week for our bible study and before they would leave they insisted on helping me in what ever way they could. These two missionaries had more love in their hearts than I have witnessed in anyone trying to spread the gospel. I was so impressed that I attended their church to see where this love was coming from. The out come being; well I am now a member. The bishop asked me, before I left for Hawaii, if I would share my testimony with the congregation on Testimonial Sunday, September 19th. I used my imagination to visualize a vast audience and the following is my first draft.

My Testimony

Pardon me brothers and sisters I’m just a little nervous baring my testimony in front of a large group isn’t easy. As I look at the faces in this congregation I can see and feel the presence of God. And so I ask God to guide and direct me as I bare witness to the fact that He is our creator and salvation. He came to us in the body of his son Jesus to let us know that he is real. As Jesus he offered a way to life eternal by asking us to follow in his footsteps and obey his commandments. By doing this we could enter the kingdom of heaven and he would give us unconditional love forever.

I want to love and to be love unconditionally. Please Lord forgive me of my sin and show me your love. Let me surrender my heart to you and I ask that you take control of my life.

People have asked me what proof do I have that Jesus is the real Almighty creator. I can honestly say that I have talked to God through his divine infinite intelligence using prayer and meditation. Of course I had to have faith to believe that he would speak to me. So faith is the strong foundation that makes it possible for me to communicate with God. The bottom line is God Himself told me to have faith that he was real. In John 1-1, it tutors; In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Somewhere else in the Bible there’s a scripture that reads; “Be not deceived, God shall not be mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall also reap.’ And again it tutors, ‘in the furnace of affliction I shall refine thee.”

Before I found God my life was out of control. I was an alcoholic with a death wish. I wanted to change but I couldn’t find the right tools so as a last resort I knelt down and prayed. That was the first time I talked to God and right away he lifted the weight of my shoulders and gave me the answers I needed. Up until that time I was a believe it when I see it kind of person. God has created many miracles in my life. He has brought me through the darkest hours. He gave me a mission in life and now my life is worth living.

I brought God into my life almost twenty years ago. He gave me unconditional love when I needed it and taught me how to show love. I called him love and to me his name will always be Love.


P. S. I am having a wonderful time and I should be home on the 17th. Sorry I haven’t been participating but I needed this break. Love, BDC


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