Oh for the special Magic it casts a spell.

Dear Tiera the thoughts you send in your written word leave teardrops in my eye.
Investing each thought with yesterday’s sorrows makes me want to cry.
Each passing day of remembrance is that much closer to the love you seek.
Reaching way beyond endurance looking for assurance when you reach out and speak.
Romance will find you Tierra and it will leave you weak with its passion.
And when it does thunder and lightning will strike and you will feel the true meaning of compassion.

In the twilight hours when the girls get together. Like three lovely doves all of the same feather. Holding hands, skipping through the sands happy with laughter and song. Standing proud and tall together they belong. Three ladies of stature, grace and good taste. Social elite with no time to waste. When the girls get together the birds will sing, the bells will ring in harmony forever. They are all writers with different niches, Shannie will keep you in stitches, Mary gives you lust, romance and passion and Tierra writes about love old fashion. Most likely about her and Terry and cowboy compassion. When the girls get together it’s mostly good but guys beware of their womanhood. One woman is strong, two women are awesome and three women are dynamite.


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