No Alternative But To Smile

Start the audio and read along with me.

Pack up all your smiles and lets take a trip. Take some lolly pops and candy so we are well equipt.

Will make our itinerary a world wide experience. Making stops everywhere leaving smiles of happiness.

Today we will make the whole world happy it will dance to our jubilee. Our smiles will work, just you wait and see. 

Leave a smile make that your style a smile will make everything worthwhile.

Smile all the way to Australia, Germany and France let’s leave every continent with a smiling romance.

So pack up your bags and leave out your frowns. There are plenty of those to replace in many towns.

No tears on this trip either they will cancel your trip. Tears will just make you stay home and play cricket.

Smile today and everyday and soon the worlds troubles will go away.



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