Turn on the audio and read along with me.

Lady Luck

Be conscious of the elements of your reality,

And enjoy a state of vibration in harmony

Let yourself become a more powerful creator.

When things are in a flow, you are the instigator.


Do you suffer from the social disease called deprivation? If you are poor and are deprived do you face starvation? If you are rich but want more does that cause aggravation? It is my opinion that both rich and poor have deprivation.

If you do not confirm to the standards in society where do you sit? If you do confirm to the standards in our society where will you fit? Misconceptions and Misunderstandings are causes of anxiety. So deprivation is the disease you will get out of our society.  in an emotional resonance with your intention.

The level you resonate is equal to divine intervention.

With your inspiration you are vibrating luck. How do you feel?

You are sharper, clearer, more in the zone and it is very real.

You do amazing things in ways that baffle others awareness,

Everything that exists can be controlled by consciousness.

Therefore luck exists and is fully under your command.

Knowing this, you never have to fear bad luck again.


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