PEACEMAKER by wendy brady

The Peacemaker

There was a Prince Of Peace at WEbook, everybody knew him as BigDaddyCash.

He gave his heart and soul everyday to all the projects and it was there, he made…many, many friends.

It was more than that. People gathered in huge crowds, to get next to his closeness. They loved to hear his beautiful tales.

He told them in away, no-one else could. He had wisdom, light years away and he prophesied so much good.

People would stay with him day and night, sharing love and gifts of words. Even at times when he was extremely exhausted. He never grew tired of his honourable, dutiful world.

He was one of a kind and was a genius, with a creative mind.

He wrote stories of great audacity and his followers, read them with prosperity.

He brought peace to the earth and he was guided by that divine light of heavenly birth. He was courageous, more like a braveness like the knights of yesterday. He could walk the walk and talk the talk.

So many great things, could be written about this man of dignity but the one thing that sticks out, is his deepest beauty.

A vote was taken on WEbook and BigDaddyCash became elected. As The Prince Of Peace. He was given a very special award and mission to complete.

Whenever fighting broke out on WEbook BigDaddyCash, The Prince Of Peace was the first one called. As you can imagine it, he had lessons of completeness for all.

One night there was what you call a war, that broke out. Everyone was frightened and were too afraid of their enemies, to shout peace.

So BigDaddyCash walked out taller than any man. He had with him, a giant smile and a willing hand.

He called for all his followers. There was quite a few that travelled with him and they came from all over the world. They lit white candles and listened to “The Prince Of Peace’s words”.

There was Wennie poo, Queen of Rhymes and Pattimari the Goddess of Uplifting poems. Then there was Beccal; who was the Princess of Correcting Essence. Not to forget Tamara 0049, The Spiritual Guide Of The Great White Light and MOshell, The StoryTeller Of Dignified Beauty.

There was Welsh Poet, The Gentle Giant With The Hughest Heart. JStarr with God’s Creative Lessons and Santackas who brought forth, a million smiles that were pleasant. There was more… there was A2K who brought the site, a Unique Grace and Gonzodave with his Elite and Lasting Words you would Forever Taste.

There were two remarkable Poets and songwriters called Wade and Inky, who had fighting warrior bloodlines, passed down to them by their great ancestors. Not to forget Tom McGee, the man with the honourable eyes that lovingly agreed. Counting down the list there was Penathome, who was The Lady Of Humour and Surprise and Dantesfire, who brought forth, Gifted Stories With No Disguise.

There were heaps more followers of The Prince Of Peace’s light. Achilesgalahad, who brought Poetry With Scripted Passion. Dorian Falcon a Great Man Like A champion. Londis, The Bard Of Michigan with Genius Wisdom.

Wherever BigDaddyCash went, they followed from one project to another. It was like he was the brightest star in the sky and so many more followed. There was McCuen, “The Giver Of Genuine Love” and James who stayed Loyal and Devoted, again and again.

Alienscribe, who was a heavenly gift with so many tricks. Erikasargent the girl with the Miracle Heart. Pheonix…The Poet With The High IQ and Faith Love Richards, the one that invited you in, to see her Point Of View and we can’t forget Mike, “The Voice” with his messages of love like a divine white knight.

Gosh! The list has gotten so long, there’s a gentle soul. Georgehoward, Yes! a gentleman with a heart of gold. Crystal Clear like a star of inspiration, we all want to be near. D.Mucker with an intelligent mind that love’s to probe another for a sign. Kentchapman, a man of great enlightenment that leaves you in a miracle state all aglow with excitement. Then there’s Parodirony who inspiringly teaches with his amazing skill and simply divine irony. We can’t forget Ivyy, a Poet who writes like imagination’s pride, full to flow and lovingly guide.

Dnaleristap, a humorous Poet with such extreme knack, who makes us all laugh non-stop with those precious facts . Blaizen, the glorious, who always has the uniquest response, lightening up our world… with encouragement and fun, a lot. Naiveandwitty, a pure genius that is brave without pity, Shaw a talented light that we can all adore, on any given day or night. There’s Darling Lynae what more can I say and Angelb35, an angel we can all see to our surprise any day and Lafleshe with more gifts of words than anyone can describe. Dippedquipen a mighty pen that rises like fire on ice to defend. Samuelj, a blessing ready to vent, Nirvana 37, a pure miracle that was sent.

Clockchime13, who came from the school of hardknocks but brings great wisdom to those who flock. Slowtotype who makes up for it, with his victory plight. SmartTruth that can teach us truth that survives through eternity’s roof. Tilak, who shows us, we all as one, have wings to fly, to ignite, Diane Corriette with her own inspirational site and Pranati who brings life to light in any storm of spite. Silvercoat with a lining of height and nrhatch that can talk us out of any fight. Virale 2236, with so much hope, you get to see the eclipse. SuzieMcCree, Softmonkey and CariadC with more faith than you could fathom to see, in any comforting breeze.

There was too many followers to list and I’m sorry to the ones I have missed but BigDaddyCash, The Prince Of Peace, knew all of their love… did exist. There was one young girl, called Susan Hunt. She was truly unique. She called BigDaddyCash “POPS”. To her he was a genuine mop, always there when her tears were flared up and wouldn’t stop. He just seemed to have the most remark-ablest wisdom, to put her life back on track without the pain in her hop.

One day, BigDaddyCash received a message. That he was to offer his beloved people, to all the WEbook tribes. As what you could call, a signal of guaranteed peace, to stop the war on the world.

He had slept on this message for many nights. As he was afraid to confront his followers with this news of fright. On his great depth of thinking, he knew in his genuine heart and gifted soul, this was the only way to go.

He had no choice but to one by one give his beautiful followers to the enemy tribes. It was hard giving his beloved people away, these remarkable Poet’s and story-writers of passionate history but it had to be done. It tore him down, with a burden, so heavily placed upon his heart.

BigDaddyCash, The Prince Of Peace for a second had tears in his eyes. It was a tense moment. As it was very rare to see this great man of stature cry. Though it wasn’t long, before he got the message loud and clear. Everyone would be definitely alright. The tribes would look after and care for all of them. It was just that his heart and soul would miss them, miss them extremely.

It was true… BigDaddyCash’s mission, was peace and God had given his much loved son to mankind. So The Prince Of Peace, wanted to do that as well. He was happy knowing, it was for the good of all humans.

So one by one, he took the time, which is love. To say goodbye to his beautiful followers. He held them in his comforting embrace. Than kissed their foreheads, as he waved goodbye to their great love of braveness.

When all the people of the near by tribes, accepted the Peace gifts. Their hearts and souls automatically changed. With these Great Poets they heard messages of Joyous Peace. The tribe members became Christians and love, enormous love, took the place of fear and hatred. They famously spread their great words of Love. Triumphantly, to all their enemies. Especially to those one’s who would listen with their heart’s open and in no time at all, they were all friends.

It was Christmas time…and BigDaddyCash, The Prince Of Peace was called by the high order. It came in a daydream…the message said “Go and visit all of your loyal followers”. They sent BigDaddyCash a canoe and The Prince Of Peace loaded all his precious cargo. You can imagine it all. BigDaddyCash’s priceless gems. There was Lady, Sweetheart, Charley, Bobby, Bear and his little puppy, he named after WenniePoo. All the time BigDaddyCash was hoping they wouldn’t panic and jump out. You just never know with dogs, as they love the water and enjoy swimming but no… they all settled in admiringly quiet. As if they had been given special instructions on this pilgrimage journey.

The WEbook tribes had all emerged together as one unity. They put on a splendid feast for The Prince Of Peace. As it was, this good man… that had orchestrated such beautiful love.

When all the neighbouring tribes arrived with some trepidation. They were welcomed with delicious food, warm gifts and carols of great joy and triumph. Even the loyal pets, were given the best bones, the tribesman could rustle up.

A verse was read out loud by BigDaddyCash, The Prince Of Peace; Unto us a child is born, to us a son of peace is given.

By sending all his peace followers, to all the individual tribes. A divine miracle had formed. BigDaddyCash, The Prince Of Peace, was so excited, tall with enthusiasm and over the moon in passion. That he ran up the beach into all his Poet friend’s waiting love. He wrapped every ounce of himself around them. The whole night long. It was a mission again, getting them altogether but it was one of great significance. So much joy, peace and hope was seen as they sat huddled in a closeness that brought tears of happiness, to all their eyes. It was a loving embrace of faith. That allowed them, to tell their stories and Poems, on WEbook to eternity.


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