This is William, who’s fairy tale I am writing. I do give you the last lines of chapter 7.

the rest is on the blokspot, Nans fairy tales! Comment still appreciated! (and faults told too!)


But I do remember something my grandmother told about the Atlantians.

They did know a lot of the power of crystals. And in the secret box also is a purple crystal.

It does like to much of a coincidence for me, that both are found around the same time: the mermaid Purple and lately the purple crystal.”

Petra called attention of the Lady, by touching her: “What is coincidence”?

“Things, that seemingly by accident happen about the same time.” Lady answered.

“Let’s find out what all together means, before we do important things.

So go home to Billy and tell him, Purple will come soon, and than we see, what is going to happen.”


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