Identity Theft

Back in the old western days there was no such thing as credit and debit cards.

Notorious bank robbers would have been known as idenity theft black bards.

Jesse and his brother Frank James could have left their guns home and used the reliable pen.

Notably, what works now would have been so much easier back then.

Of course the James boys wouldn’t have reached fame if robbing a mans name was the game.

Today identity theft is the easiest crime to get away with so as you can see, now and then ain’ the same.

It was the the good old days when Wyatt Earp, his brothers and Doc played havoc at the OK Corral.

Tombstone was a wild town where whiskey was plentiful and you might end up shootin your pal.

Billy the Kid immortalized American History at a very young age.

Pat Garrett wrote a book about Billy but more fiction then fact was on each page.

Yesterdays heros were not really heros they were immortalized by people like me.

I know the stories and glories that are legendary and add color to American History.

I love the literature that made our country what it is today.

Even though I just had identity thief in an awful big way.


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