The herd was corralled, ready to ship, the round up was all over.

I felt embraced by the moment with a strange desire to roll in clover.

So I picked up my pay and rode down by the river looking for something to do.

Next thing you know I was drifting happily down the lazy river in my rented canoe.

I saw all of natures beauty stretched out along the green banks of the river.

High above the banks was a heck of a view, one that only God can deliver.

Greenery around flowing streams cascading down the lush mountains.

Ahead of me the raging waters looked like gigantic diamond fountains.

Over the horizon I could see herds of wild stallions dancing in the breeze.

The sound of animals and birds singing melodies whispered through the trees.

That’s just this lonely cowboys view, my thoughts portrayed to you.

Now that I have had my say, it’s time to bid ado.


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