This is a read along so turn me on and read along with me.


Hello there you two legged people my name is Flame.

I’m biggest of the litter and that’s my one claim to fame.

I like to get on top of things looking for something to chew.

My master puts things way high so I won’t get them, but I do.

He put his slippers on top of a high dresser so they’d be safe.

But I got them and chewed them to pieces all over the place.

I don’t know why I do these things, I guess it’s the puppy in me.

My master loves me cause I’m smart, but I do make him unhappy.

I remember on day I found his lower choppers in a drawer.

Now he just munches because he can’t chew any more.

I was so sad because I had never seen a grown man cry.

From now on I’m gonna be good, I know I can if I really try.

There are six of us dogs who live in Big Daddy Cashes domain.

Two have to go, I hope ones not me cause I do want too remain.

I love my Big Daddy Cash and this place is where I want to be.

All together Billy Bob, Miah, Tootsy, Sweetheart, Bobby and Me.

Oh, And My Big Daddy too!


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