Pen Name: Big Daddy Cash
Name: William Cash Neve
Age: 74
Date of Birth: 01/02/36
Sex: Male
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah–United States
Nationality: Danish
Education: Junior High-6th Grade
Influence: Honesty, Integrity and Love
Writing Style: My Way
Favorite Quotes: I’m a altruistic example of my own ego and like my one liners best of all.
1. “A promise is a covenant…A broken promise is a statement.”
2. “Missing you is loving you and I really do.”
3. “Worry will not take away your problems but it will remove your strength.”
4. “The mind is the key to the vehicle that travels the roads and byways of time.”
5. “From the darkness comes the light that will brighten up your life.”
6. “The Lord is watching over you but beware so is the devil.”
7. “Memories are a gift that brings love, happiness and inner comfort.”
8. “There’s a God in my heart and I call my God Love and my God’s as strong and as powerful as anything that comes from above.”
9. “Love is not something that you need blind faith just to know that it’s there if you open your eyes you’ll see it everywhere.
10. “Don’t you just love groups of ten.”
Claim to Fame: My self help book “Total Recovery”


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