Happy Birthday from Everyone on Mary’s Bridge

He does it his way
whatever it may be
at any moment of any day
his inspiration takes us on a journey!

Donning one of his many caps
we never know what style or color we shall see
will he wear some of his famous glasses
his hair back or down flowing free?

Push play to find out
this day what will it be?
another of his most interesting videos
each day we can’t wait to see!

What kind of prop will he use?
a harmonica?
a cigarette or two?
maybe he will sing a song to me or to you…

What will his subject be?
something to amaze and inspire us
make us laugh?
or make us cry?
I can’t wait
the anticipation is killing me!

He’s a rescuer of animals
their hero of sorts
championing his campaign
to stop animal abuse
through love and support
he teaches awareness to you and I

while caring for his own family of four legged sports

He shares with us each day
parts of him
his great big heart
overflowing with love
his mind-a wealth of knowledge
lessons learned by living life

Thank you
William Cash Neve
or better know as…
Big Daddy Cash
we are grateful for the part
you play in our lives
offering love and encouragement
to your friends at Mary’s Bridge
You are an Angel in our lives
so keep a smile on your face
a spin on your tale
each day we will be waiting
and anticipating…

By: ~Shannie~
Happy Birthday friend! We love you!

Tags: bigcashdaddynevewilliam


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