Susan Hunt is an exceptional writer who doesn’t hold back her true thoughts and feelings. She’ll kick you right in the seat of your pants with her powerful words. She’ll shock you, educate you and entertain you, remarkably done with style. Here are some of her remarkable creations, all works of art.


 (Written 08-01-09)

Tornados are not like Hurricanes.

Hurricanes give plenty of time to get out of the way.

Tornados are not like earthquakes, they give no warning at all

All cause mass destruction, innocently indifferent.

 But a tornado is different. Doppler Radar is virtual.

There is always a warning but it’s too little too late.

Am I running from destruction?

Or do I create it?

 Mass chaos surrounds me.

Or do I surround it?

I’ve been though earthquakes, but I never felt like one.

I’ve been through hurricanes and survived every single one.

But a tornado is different.

The fear builds up in too little time to run; flight has no chance.

There is no way to fight the path of destruction.

It is always within reach of me.

I can’t get outside of it.

Is it following me?

Or am I within it? Am I a…?

All my mishaps, do they happen to me?

Or do I happen to them?

Am I running from the tornado?

Or, perhaps… is that what I am?

The havoc and wreckage of all that’s around me…

Did I survive it? Or did I cause it?

I am a Tornado. Unaware, yet dangerous, still.

I mean no harm; I just exist in the atmosphere.

A creation, a force of nature, I have no ill will.

But that doesn’t matter.

The damage is done.

No one dares mention my name.

They just hope I never come again.

One of the deadliest tornados ever on record

hit the my home town, Oklahoma City one day.

It was a beautiful day, the third day in May…

which just so happens to be my birthday.


(Written 12-14-08)

Even when I try to sense reality

I also have a sense of insanity

I don’t know how to recognize the day

Without some aberration in my brain.

I can’t stand being straight

with no drug or liquid to change my state.

Yet here I am unhappy yet quite tanked.

Why is everyone else’s reality

Such an unreal nightmare for me?

I don’t know how not to dwell upon death

Though I want to hold that last single breath.

My body fights back with an unwelcomed gasp.

It’s not that easy to carry out my own death.

No matter what my mind may want

My body struggles to continue on.

Just because my mind wants to leave

It’s not the same for the rest of me

My body rules me. It will not free me

I obey its requests commonly

I am a slave to it, it rules me

I need to escape from this torture and be free

Daddy, daddy do you recognize me?

Of course not, you constantly mold me.

Daddy thank you for all your gifts

Too bad they were the cause of my death

You are the death of me

You haunt me still in my sleep

Love me as a lover would, Escargot, the finest wines

Under the table, you lovingly stroke my thigh

Daddy you are not my lover, this is what you want

You are cruel and powerful, isn’t that what you taught?

I’m the best student, let’s not get caught

I’ll love you daddy at all costs

You killed me though. I am the loss.


3 responses to “FEATURED WRITER

    1. Popsy, please quit playing this video. I love you and it hurts me. I havent attacked you, I am in no way mad at you, I adore you and I am so grateful for all you have done for me. These sentiments you are speaking of happened a long, long time ago, and we’ve since moved to an even deeper friendship.

      This video makes me feel like I’ve hurt you recently and I havent. Please don’t make me cry, Pops.

      I am so grateful to you, more than anyone since I started writing on the web. You were the first person who commmented on my writing and you became my first friend. You always have been, since then, you are now, and you always will be.

      Please go back and look at the date you wrote this.

      Although there are many compliments in this video, it still hurts me.

      Love, Suesara

    • Pops, you are the best. I still can’t read the font, but I think I’m having some real eyesight problems. I’m scedules for a optomotrist, depends of the money…

      Thank you for being you, Popsy.

      Love, Suesara

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